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InteriorWerx with Susan Curry is a whole-being wellness company that focuses on the bettering of individuals, their lives and experiences, starting from within. From career coaching to anger management to holistic life coaching, we can help. We have offices in Chicago and San Diego, and we also help by phone.


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"This guided process has helped me to move past certain issues that I had never fully understood, despite the several intensive talk therapies that I had experienced (a formal psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR). All of these therapies were extremely valuable to me in following the ancient Greek aphorism, to know thy self. Yet, I had to re-learn that talk therapy is the beginning of a process, designed to open ourselves up to continued growth and change, not the end point. Did I mention there’s something about Susan Curry’s energy work to facilitate that process? Try it and see."

- Dr. Carl M. Wahlstrom Jr., M.D., Psychiatrist, Chicago

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