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Testimonials from Susan's Clients

- Melissa, Chicago

"Susan is AMAZING! She was right on with me and [my] baby! I tried her suggestions on both of us and it worked that very day! I feel better and so does [my baby]. I really loved that she was so genuine and you can trust her! We can't wait to see her again!"

- Dr. Carl M. Wahlstrom Jr., M.D., Psychiatrist, Chicago

"This guided process has helped me to move past certain issues that I had never fully understood, despite the several intensive talk therapies that I had experienced (a formal psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR). All of these therapies were extremely valuable to me in following the ancient Greek aphorism, to know thy self. Yet, I had to re-learn that talk therapy is the beginning of a process, designed to open ourselves up to continued growth and change, not the end point. Did I mention there’s something about Susan Curry’s energy work to facilitate that process? Try it and see."

- Leah, Chicago

"As someone who is proactive both about their spiritual and physical health, I was looking for an answer to a lot of questions western/ alternative medicine [wasn’t] adequately answering. In the past I have done reiki, meditation, nutrition counseling, and more. Each with their own respective benefit and purpose. Working with Susan has eclipsed all the other wonderful options out there. My spiritual and physical health are coming together and working in harmony. I have worked through conditioned emotional responses and finally gained

insight into my specific food allergies. The mind and body have an intrinsic connection that Susan both respects and rewires. Susan is a gift and her intuitive healing is like nothing I've ever experienced."

Laura, Chicago

"Susan is a great energy healer as well as a wonderful person! She is very intuitive and able to get to the root of any problem, and as a result, provide a natural healing method. Recently, one front tooth starting hurting very badly and it was so bad that the medicine from the dentist made it worse and I did not know what to do because the pain was so strong. Susan not only told me how to relieve the pain with a natural remedy, but also provided background on the energies that linked to me having the accident in the first place.​I followed Susan's instructions... The next day the pain was gone! After a few weeks, I went to the dentist who had previously told me that I would need a root canal because the tooth had died and there was an infection based from the previous x-rays. When he took a look at the tooth again, along with some tests and a new x-ray, he was very surprised to find that the tooth was alive and did not need any procedures. I was very happy with the help Susan provided. If there is anything physically, mentally, or emotionally that is troublesome to you, Susan can help you.I know that she is honest and has a natural gift, because she has helped me, and I am very grateful."

Neal, Chicago

"Susan Curry's work is hard to categorize. She could be described as a health and wellness coach, an intuitive healer, and a guide to re-alignment with one's highest good and the greater good of the planet. In 2015, Susan helped me shed over 50 lbs along with the accumulated physical toxins and emotional baggage that went along with it. In 2016, she helped me to rebuild a leaner and stronger "body temple". I wonder what 2017 will bring? She has also helped me to navigate my relationships at home and at work with a fresh perspective. This aspect of her work goes beyond personal healing to becoming an agent of transformation in one's family and community. Susan taps into your consciousness at a deep level and helps you find your way back to your Soul's purpose. Enjoy the journey!"

Meg, Chicago

"In the two years that I've worked with Susan Curry, she has helped me to transform my life for the better. Through Susan's guidance and intuitive support, I've tapped into my own intuition more fully and have been able to begin to fully realize my spiritual potential. Susan and her work are true blessings. She is helping to raise the vibration of the of the world one being at a time."

Demetrios, San Diego

"Susan is cost effective compared to what I have spent to therapists and psychologists over the years. She has allowed me to be the real me and not just "deal" with my issues. "Dad, you look lighter" commented my daughter. And I really enjoy being me, with myself and my relationships with family and friends."

Lena, Chicago

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wisdom you shared with me at the [event]. I've been following the guidance, and I've been feeling much better because of it. It was so kind of you to offer that to everyone... I'm still buzzing from yesterday. It was fantastic and I got the healing I needed. I feel like I got my spirit back. Thank you! :)"

Kevin, Chicago

"Susan Curry truly embodies the phrase “instrument of God”. From clearly being aligned with her purpose, to the actual method she uses to help find and clear the things that are causing dis-ease in a person, “instrument of God” is the only way I could describe her.

I had the hardest time believing the advice Susan gave me when I had my first reading with her. I asked about my snoring and possible sleep apnea, and the first thing she said was that I needed to move, along with other suggestions to help ease things in the meantime (Susan is real, and being real she knows you can’t always just move over night). Of course, I fought this advice, but after much debate, I started looking into new places. I now live in the perfect apartment on the Northside, where I can reach out and touch tree leaves from my living room window. Susan said the solution to my snoring was living in an area with more nature, where I could “hear the birds”. My previous place was entirely industrial, and my body was having a hard time orientating itself. I smile every time I hear the birds and crickets in my area.

And my snoring? My fiancé says it’s minimal now, and I feel great waking up.

After my first experience played through, I went to see Susan at another presentation at Infiniteus. This time, she helped me clear up issues in my second chakra. I could literally FEEL the clearing happen, and afterwards

my entire body was buzzing. When she had me say some affirmations after the clearing, I needed her to repeat them I was so floaty! I felt great! Watching Susan work is always amazing. Experiencing her work has been life-changing."

Danielle, Chicago

"Susan has been a part of my life for several years, and has helped me through numerous obstacles in my life, both physically and mental/emotionally. Susan has a powerful gift for energy healing, and is very attuned to natural and easy-to-follow remedies that clients need on an individual basis (even as a college student, I have been able to follow her protocol on-the-go). I have experienced incredible results in my mental/emotional health, as well as with various physical issues that I’ve had throughout the years.

I struggle most with my mental/emotional health, and often feel extreme sadness, lethargy, and an overall lack of motivation, even without obvious reason. Through her energy work and following her individualized protocol (for example, eat 6 oz. of fish a day, and try to get as much protein as you can. Nuts are good for you, dark chocolate covered ?anything!?. Stay away from gluten, etc.),

I have experienced a drastic uplift in energy, motivation, and optimism in all areas of my life. Susan is incredibly committed to truly and fully helping her clients, which is apparent in the results of her energy work."

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