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“Susan has been a part of my life for several years, and has helped me through numerous obstacles in my life, both physically and mental/emotionally. Susan has a powerful gift for energy healing, and is very attuned to natural and easy-to-follow remedies that clients need on an individual basis (even as a college student, I have been able to follow her protocol on-the-go). I have experienced incredible results in my mental/emotional health, as well as with various physical issues that I’ve had throughout the years. I struggle most with my mental/emotional health, and often feel extreme sadness, lethargy, and an overall lack of motivation, even without obvious reason. Through her energy work and following her individualized protocol (for example, eat 6 oz. of fish a day, and try to get as much protein as you can. Nuts are good for you, dark chocolate covered ?anything!?. Stay away from gluten, etc.), I have experienced a drastic uplift in energy, motivation, and optimism in all areas of my life. Susan is incredibly committed to truly and fully helping her clients, which is apparent in the results of her energy work."

- Danielle, Chicago

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