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Susan can help you with a variety of concerns, including physical and emotional imbalances, relationship issues, career advice, family matters, and more. Susan conducts her private coaching sessions in the Chicago (Illinois) and San Diego (California) areas. If you are not located in one of these areas, Susan is also available for phone consultation.  


Career Guidance



Emotional Stability

Health & Body​Communication​

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Chicago Sessions

Chicago - In-Person Sessions


Warm Season (June - October):

Garden Office

1255 North Greenview


Cold Season: (October-May):

Lincoln Park Conservatory

2305 North Stockton Drive

Chicago, Illinois  60614


Free street parking on Stockton Drive

or Cannon Drive. Public parking is available

for $18 a day in the lot directly behind the

Conservatory. The lot entrance is on

Stockton Drive just south of Fullerton.  

Other Locations
La Jolla Beach San Diego Location

Other Locations


Susan travels to and conducts private sessions and presentations in Southern California and Scottsdale, Arizona periodically. Private in-person sessions are available when Susan visits these areas. Please click here to learn more about Susan's schedule. You may also schedule a phone session with Susan (see below).


La Jolla

Cuvier Park

600 Coast Blvd S
La Jolla, CA 92037

(At the intersection of Coast Blvd S and Cuvier Street)

Meet by the picnic table at the top of the stairs.


Click here to schedule a session in La Jolla.



Nature Preserve in McDowell Mountains

Located at Bell & 104th

Click here to schedule a session in Scottsdale.


Phone Sessions

Phone Sessions


While in-person healing sessions are preferred, Susan is also available for phone sessions for those who are not able to be there in person. Please click here to schedule a phone session. Susan will telephone you at your appointment time. 

Payment Link

Payment Link


This link is available for those who want to make an online payment after their session has been scheduled.

"Susan is a great energy healer as well as a wonderful person! She is very intuitive and able to get to the root of any problem, and as a result, provide a natural healing method. Recently, one front tooth starting hurting very badly and it was so bad that the medicine from the dentist made it worse and I did not know what to do because the pain was so strong. Susan not only told me how to relieve the pain with a natural remedy, but also provided background on the energies that linked to me having the accident in the first place.​I followed Susan's instructions... The next day the pain was gone! After a few weeks, I went to the dentist who had previously told me that I would need a root canal because the tooth had died and there was an infection based from the previous x-rays. When he took a look at the tooth again, along with some tests and a new x-ray, he was very surprised to find that the tooth was alive and did not need any procedures. I was very happy with the help Susan provided. If there is anything physically, mentally, or emotionally that is troublesome to you, Susan can help you.I know that she is honest and has a natural gift, because she has helped me, and I am very grateful."

- Laura, Chicago

Personal Experiences
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