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Eliminating Tooth Pain with Energy Release

In this blog I will share a success story that I had with a client that experienced tooth pain.

Before session with InteriorWerx: Client experienced intense tooth pain

Result with InteriorWerx: Client's tooth was healthy and pain free

InteriorWerx is an energy release experience I designed. It goes right into the database of your subconscious AND looks at the emotional triggers that HAS brought forth issues in your body that you don't care to have anymore,


  • Illnesses/health concerns

  • Relationship issues

  • Stress with work/business, etc.

Clients pain is eradicated with InteriorWerx session:

My client called me and she had an intense tooth ache. This session was over the phone. I worked with her and we located the original emotional inception of the tooth ache.

She had prior been to the dentist. The dentist had realized that there was some issue with the tooth and recommended its removal.

After the facilitation of the InteriorWerx session, the pain had alleviated over night. My client went for a follow-up to see the dentist and they took an x-ray to reveal the tooth was in fact healthy again.

What caused the pain?

This was a rage and sadness molecule. It had manifested in this section of the mouth. Teeth have to do with structure or THE structure of your life. Pulling this out was just an example of freeing the body from any connection to that distorted energy molecule.

Everything in perfection resides in the 528 Hertz molecule frequency and therefore anything lower (sadness, sorrow, anger, rage) can produce something in the body temple that will tell us that it’s unaligned. I grabbed that and we pulled it out with Chi and ACHIEVED A happy mouth.

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