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Healthy Fat Recipe: Tahini/Honey Swirl

In this blog I will share all the benefits of having a teaspoon of honey a day and how you should stock up on Tahini in your kitchen.

I’m always looking for good fats. I’m consuming about 80% fat in my diet, so I’m always looking for ways to incorporate new food products.

Right now I love avocados and raw goat cheese.

Did you know that raw goat cheese is super healthy and high on fat?

Tahini, Tahini, Tahini... it's SO good for you

I found this Tahini which is made from sesame seeds that have been ground up.

Benefits of Tahini:

  • Tahini promotes healthy cell growth, for longevity and quality of life

  • Prevents anemia (high in iron)

  • easily digestible alkaline food, it goes right into fuel in the body which is amazing

  • Great source of calcium

  • Good fat the unsaturated one

  • Loaded with minerals; potassium,magnesium,lecithin and phosphorus

  • Antibacterial

  • Liver detoxer

  • High in vitamins, E, B1, B2,B5 and B15....B-eautiful !

  • Higher source of protein than nuts

  • Weight loss tool

When you taste it by itself it’s a little bitter. I tried to put something good together that would be tasty and healthy.

That’s why I introduced the honey.

Did you know that by eating local honey it can help you with your allergies?

Those little bees share their pollen and it’s a natural way to help you with allergies.

Say you suffer from allergies, get some of your local honey.

If you’re traveling, its best to get the honey in the area that you’re traveling in and once you start consuming the honey pretty soon your allergies will go away.

The honey gives you a bit of the bee nutrients and exposure to all the pollens and things from the inside.

Benefits of honey:

  • Honey Is an antioxidant, lower blood pressure....sweet!!

  • Prevents some cancers and heart disease

  • Antibiotic

  • Great for weight loss

  • For high intensity workouts as an energy drinks

  • Reduces ulcers

  • Balances blood sugars and blood pressure

  • Improves short term memory, reduces dementia

  • Good to clear the lungs and coughs

Honey is a fabulous thing to have in our diet every day, I say !

If you put a tablespoon of honey into 8 ounces of water and mix the honey up, it’s a super sonic energy drink for after your workout.

With a teaspoon of honey a day, a wonderful study of women after menopause are helped with keeping the memory sharp and eliminating dementia. That's a smart idea.

The combination of the tahini and honey with a sprinkle of himalayan salt for added minerals and depth is DE-LIGHTFUL ! MAKE YOUR INDIVIDUAL SIZED GLASS BOWL FULL AND EAT IT WITH YOUR FINGERS OR A WOODEN SPOON. HERE'S TO HAPPY HEALTHY HUMANS CONSUMING Tahini and honey, you'll love it!

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