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Gifting Presents, Not Old Baggage

Have you ever arrived at a family gathering and been greeted by the familiar and supposedly funny comments from your siblings and family members? Why are you late? Oh, you're wearing that ? The mash potatoes are lumpy again?

Would you like to have an emotionally intelligent way of responding to these bits of your old operating manual? Image for a minute that these are all brand new people, that you have never met before. This concept of human performance for the spiritually responsible, works like this; close your eyes before you knock or ring the door bell. Imagine that this is the very first time that you are entering this home.

Everything about your initial experience is new, the smells, the decorations, the person that answers the doors, looking and feeling them for the first time you are inspired to a newness and freshness to all that you see, feel and hear. It will inspire your comments to be more bubbly, I am sure as you are making your greeting at the door, therefore setting the tone of the interactions that will follow. This concept is called Spiritual Amnesia and will result in a more joyous celebration of the time of year that has been dedicated to friendships, family and the action of giving.

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