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Feeding Our Humanity, Sustento Humanitas

by Susan Curry

Humanity is inherently kind. Derived from the Latin humanitas, meaning human nature or kindness, this word and its energetic basis is filled with goodness, professing the innately fundamental element of kindness that is fused into human nature.

When you know that a boat can inherently float, you don’t need to add floatation devices to the bottom of the boat. The attention is best placed on maintaining the integrity of the shell of the boat.

Likewise, in order to adequately be active in sustaining humanity, the first step is to believe and emulate that humanity is kind in nature, focusing purely on as many examples of humans being kind to themselves and others. Allowing this spiritual energy to unfold via thoughts and images, visualizing a continuous display of humans being kind, thoughtful and considerate, healthy and happy.

The next step is the sustento (Spanish for livelihood) stage, the action step of maintaining, supporting and sustaining; in this case, humanity. We collaborate in the most fundamentally authentic ways, thereby honoring humanity, and be an active part of the support system that uplifts consciousness. The following will lay out straightforward tools for this noble intent of sustaining humanity.

Creative Mantras: Paving the way for this quantum-spiritually charged energy of thought to produce spontaneous results in the experience of our lives. Examples include “Happy healthy humans constantly achieving good works in my neighborhood. I look with delight at the multitudes of kindness collaborations. Kindness collaborations abound,” and more casually, “Dudes are good to their gals. People rock. I hang with the nicest peeps.”

Meditation: Quieting the self-talk in the mind, making peaceful space for the true authentic nature of our own humanity to shine thru. Providing a clear path for intuitive insights to come to the forefront of the analytical mind.

Fasting: When we put food into our bodies, it all carries energy. From the chef that cooks the food to the butcher or juicer, small emotional energy clusters can be absorbed into the cellular system. The practice of praying and blessing a meal will assist in neutralizing these, yet choosing not to eat for a period of time gives the body time to energetically, spiritually and physically reset to the natural homeostasis of divine balance, health and happiness.

Media Abstinence: Cytoplasm, the gelatinous liquid that forms the living material which fills our cells, is susceptible to the influences of emotional energy. When removing the viewing of stories that fuel fear, concern or outrage the human being will maintain its true humanity or human nature and kindness.

Nature Walking Routine: Breathing in the air laced with naturally uplifting essences of dirt, grass, shrubs and trees is instrumental in supporting humanity. Nature is an essential part of human thriving. Raising the mental, physical and spiritually levels to realign in divine. Increasing levels of endorphins, our body's way of producing a natural high, can also happily be achieved by laughing, lovemaking, chocolate, spicy foods and drinking a spirit or two.

Being inspired to use one or all of these tools to support the naturally human nature and kindness elements within us sets the foundation to do good works in the family, neighborhood, community and house of worship. The boat will inherently float when placed in water. When we are grounded in our humanity we will inherently do good works. In this time of feast celebrations and generous gift giving, feed your own humanity first; setting up the ripple effect of kindness.

This article was first publish in Natural Awakenings Chicago, December 2022,

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